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Scheduling an Appointment

Patients– If you have an HMO insurance, we will need to have a referral from your primary care provider. This is a requirement from the insurance in order for our providers to see you. We will need to also have x-rays completed within 1 year. If new x-rays are needed, we will provide you with the required x-ray order. Please make sure to bring any x-ray and MRI films you have to your consultation. A CD will also work as some facilities no longer dispense x-ray films.

Referring Providers– Please fax current progress notes, current diagnostics, demographics, insurance card copies along with any surgery reports. If the case is workers compensation, please make certain to include the proper authorization along with claim adjusters information.

Attorneys, Claim Adjusters, and Nurse Case Managers– Please fax demographics, authorization, along with any medical reports. Please be aware we will need to have an authorization for an x-ray of the involved body part if no x-ray has been completed within 1 year. Diagnostic facilities will require we submit authorization in writing before the injured worker can be scheduled for an appointment.

Our providers do not treat the cervical spine, thoracic spine or lumbar spine.

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All documentation can be faxed to 209-216-5909 Attn: New Patients
Phone number 209-216-5900